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Order assistant for Craftsmen

Easy to build and integrate with Zenflow

Nowadays, craftsmen are facing new challenges. Processing customer requests costs a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, the acquisition of potential customers got even more challenging due to the presence of online comparison portals. Zenflow delivers a good solution to both problems. First, craftsmen can integrate a virtual sales assistant to process customer requests. That way customers can easily enter order details, without causing additional costs for craftsmen. This improves the acquisition opportunities significantly as website visitors naturally tend to leave request, if all details can be entered hassle-free. Moreover, such a tool provides craftsmen with the benefit to make an informed first contact and to leave a positive first impression. With Zenflow craftsmen can create their own virtual sales assistant to process customer reuqests, customize it to their needs and integrate it with ease on their website. Do you still have question? Feel free to get in touch with our sales team by E-Mail or phone.

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