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Home valuation-tool

Easy to build and integrate with Zenflow

Finding potential property sellers is a tough and increasing challenge for realtors. Especially the presence of digital realtors and the growing importance of the internet altered the strucutre of the real estate market significantly. Accordingly many realtors reacted: a nice-looking website, Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns almost belong to the standard repertoire of real estate agents. However, online advertising hits an empty target, if realtors are not able to create some interaction with potential sellers. A home valuation tool provides remedy to this problem. Such a tool can be easily created and implemented on every website using Zenflow. A home valuation tool helps realtors to create interaction with potential property sellers. Indeed, not everyone interested in a property valuation turns into a potential property seller, but it is well known that today's prospect might be tomorrow's customer. Moreover, a home valuation tool provides a realtor with the benefit to make an informed first contact and to leave a positive first impression. With Zenflow realtors can create their own home valuation tool, customize it to their needs and integrate it with ease on their website. Do you still have question? Feel free to get in touch with our sales team by E-Mail or phone.

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